Future Shape Of Sound



In between production, I developed what was to become the original brand identity. It was to be the style and blueprint of the new brand, with a registered company status: Blue Room. The name had many different connotations; from being a mythical US storage bunker in the fabled Area 51 that allegedly contained the remains of alien landings to ambient music innovators the Orb’s stand out 39-minute track and hugely influential album from 1992. Both influences were pivotal to the naming. The latter was a huge musical inspiration. DR LX Paterson maverick ‘Sound Smith’ from the Orb became a supporter of my designs. I later remember being so proud to add a quote to the HousePod brochure from Dr. LX. We became good friends, and we then installed a Pod Sound System in 

I had a huge appetite for Sci-Fi, and some of my first work came in the guise of comics that made it into small independent publications. It came from an imagination raised early on the West Coast psychedelic images of 60s/70s fed on a devotion to British Sci-Fi comic 2000 AD. I was first inspired to create the Blue Room logo from a drawing I made of a character with a double bass clef face. 

The double bass clefs were a visual metaphor for increased sound. I also wanted to create a personal seal or signature hence the distortion into an ‘S’ shape. 

My early collages (as seen below) using hand made cut & paste photography depicted the Pod as otherworldly, an ancient traveling alien artifact that was dormant until discovered. It visually linked to the myths of the Blue Room and would later influence the visual development of Blue Room Released.


The trademark of Blue Room Loudspeakers, were created by hand. The films below were part of our first round of T-Shirts. Our link to the world of sound systems can be clearly seen with the emphasis given to the word 'loud' before speakers.