Future Shape Of Sound

1991-1992 • FROM 2D TO 3D


Leading up to this through another twist of fate, I met Dave Roberts in a video shop. Dave was a craftsman in the GRP production process. I was considering the materials and showed Dave my designs and asked about fiberglass production. Dave generously helped me through the manufacturing process. Dave became my business partner from that moment and worked with me on the initial Pod pattern design, under my creative direction and together with his expertise; we began the mold making and our first cabinet production.

I invested everything I had at the time to make the first Pod shells. I sold my comic collection, books, everything I didn’t need to wear. It, unfortunately, didn’t fetch a lot but it was enough to get the materials to make the first pairs of the Pod. We both worked extremely hard to produce them. It wasn’t until some incredibly kind friends donated funds to make it possible to open a small workshop that things started to move really. We took residence in a back street on a Worthing industrial estate surrounded by automobile garages.

One of my friends Nick Johns, who helped us sand patterns and cabinets, made an introduction to his dad Tim Johns. Tim had built his business success on manufacturing in the Far East. Tim helped by investing in us and gave expert advice and coaching on what we would need to set up a company. It was a powerful wake-up call on what we needed to do to make the running of the business side a success. We were at the time very naive and lacking business savvy.

The first shells of the Pod design emerged.