Future Shape Of Sound



Receiving a product is one of the most critical moments in its life cycle. It’s an opportunity for the owner to cement the bond formed by attraction. The product has to continue to seduce and exceed your initial expectations. If it was love at first sight, the time you feel and touch the product, if done correctly, will stay with you all its life.  

We looked at unique ways of packaging the product. Packaging is an important part of the customer experience and to extend this we wanted it to be reusable.

It wasn’t just about delivering a smart sustainability solution; most importantly we wanted it to be something you’d want to use.

The Swiss creative team found a source for inflatable bags from a company that supplied the medical industry. It was an exquisite idea as they were economically viable as well as reusable. It was also a memorable introduction for the customer to receive the Pod. It would be like receiving something organic and fitted with the Pods nature.

To extend the reusable concept we collaborated on the design of a robust nylon bag to fit and protect the inflatable packaging. The Swiss team were all snowboarders and were part of that design culture, so they took the lead on the bag manufacture.   We set parameters for the bags use after delivery.  We wanted it to be reusable and practical. It was built into the design of the bag and included various ways of adjusting it for use as a rucksack. The bag was not only a practical accessory, offering the opportunity to carry the MiniPod and Sputnik spikes in style, but also a very useful solution for sending the MiniPods back for service or repair. To help facilitate this, we created many concealed straps for transforming the bag from handling two Pods to one Pod and included clear wallets for use for address and shipping details. The bag was then branded clearly with the MiniPod website.

To receive the MiniPod in this way opened great opportunities for gifting the product through the website. The MiniPods were offered for delivery to most global locations within 48 hours, order to door. Again, a bold statement for 1998 e-commerce.